2019 Exhibition Open: 74 YEARS

5 Jul 2019





The Other-Space has re-opened this summer to offer ‘74 Years’ an exhibition bringing together works from 11 contemporary artists working in a variety of media. Expect film, sculpture, installation, poetry and performance.


Positioned abruptly in what the OA.N describes as a moment of cognitive short-termism, 74 Years continues the OA.N’s interest in the passage of time. The title is a reference to the Trinity Test on the 16th of July 1945, a moment that the Geological Society later coined as; the start of the era in which mankind has had a significant impact on the geology of the earth, or, the Anthropocene.


The steady normalisation of states of disaster across the world is a powerful demonstration of the human capacity to avert the mind from impending catastrophe. 74 Years aims to confront this cognitive short-termism and engage with our present epoch by presenting carefully curated art works in a setting where you are invited to consider the events of the last 74 years and their impact on the systems of the Earth.




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